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Want to test drive these AV Processors, anything else to consider?


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I want to go and demo these AV processors, is there anything else I should consider?

Marantz AV8802A - £3.3k (complete max of budget)
Yamaha CX-A5100 - £2.5k

Requirements are:
  • 4k 60fps
  • HDR
  • DTS:x
  • Will be used in 5.1 mode for now, maybe 7.1 in future
  • Don't need XLR outputs

It will be hooked upto various poweramps / monoblocs.

Anything out there or about to be released?



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Not a processor, but you should probably demo the new Arcam AVR550 as a processor.


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I would consider trying the Marantz 7702mk2 also and see if you can tell a worthwhile difference between it and the 8802a

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Spending this sort of money, I'd have a good think about what you might want to do long term. Are you likely to want to progress to Atmos/DTS:X?

Why do you want DTS:X if you're only going to be running 5.1/7.1? DTS:X is late to the table, and despite Atmos being around for well over a year, is likely to become the standard. But none of that is set in stone yet - only time will tell. The sort of processor you're looking for should cover these options anyway.

I haven't heard the Marantz, but the Yamaha is excellent, although I've always liked what Yamahas do with regards to AV. There is one other option that might just creep in within your budget, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to discuss it just yet.

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