Want to put together an AVR/Speakers system to replace my LG sn11rg soundbar


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I originally posted this in the receivers forum, but I think it makes more sense to focus on the speakers first then add the AVR:

New house, nice 65" 2020 Sony 950H TV, and I purchased an LG sn11rg for my audio. My wife was OK with the looks (big issue - happy wife, happy life!) because the bar sits on the cabinet under the TV (after using a TV stand to lift up the TV a bit) the sub sits next to the cabinet so not prominent in the room and the two rear speakers are sitting on a couple of tables behind and to the side of the sofa.

We are primarily watching movies and TV. Back a long time ago, I had a full surround system with big Boston Acoustics speakers (about 3 feet wide and 4 or 5 feet tall) up front, a nice BA sub, and matching rears. A nice midrange receiver. Moved from that to Definitive Technology towers. We loved the sound, my wife put up with the speakers (though it got hairy when we were looking for a new house and I rule some out because the den didn't have room for my speakers!) But that was a LONG time ago, 80s-90s/

FF to now: New house LG sn11rg sound bar with rears and sub for movies and TV and music. It's OK. Maybe even good for a soundbar. But I just feel like it isn't as crisp and clean and "good" as a separates would be. The ATMOS effects are OK, though honestly I never feel like they're really over our heads (maybe the 10 foot ceiling doesn't work well with the upfiring speakers.) SO - I'm just exploring what it would take to put together a separates system that would give me better overall audio. Primarily for TV and movies.

Limits: Need to try to keep it under $2000. Also, no way my wife is going to allow ceiling speakers, so I know I'll have to settle for less than optimum ATMOS. We have a front wall in the den where the TV is, a back wall behind the sofa, but the wall to the right is taken up with windows and a fireplace so can't mount speakers on the side wall (and there is no left sidewall, the den opens up into the dining room.) I'm not looking for the perfect system for a dedicated AV cinema room, but I want to explore what my options are for something significantly better than what I have.

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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