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Want to order today!Please HELP...


Standard Member
Hello. I´ve been reading stuff about HC for some time and i´m still confused. Because there are no demo rooms in Madeira(Portugal) i´m going to buy blind and now i´m sick of waiting and i need your help to decide what´s best. I´m going to order from Germany but with cash on delivery. But here are the reasons i haven´t decided yet:

-My living room is 6m x 7m so i need a fairly amount of power,isnt it?
-My main interest are music(dvd concerts,stereo,and soon dvd-audio) and films in a ratio of 70/30
-It has to be small speakers
-Have a budget of 800£ for speakers and receiver

Here are my options:

-Infinity 750 with Denon 1905, but not sure about the speakers(http://www.homecinemachoice.com/cgi-bin/displayreview.php?reviewid=4498)

-Canton cd 1 with Yamaha 750, also not sure about the canton´s for music althought i can buy later some CD 100 for fronts, but will have a decent receiver( i think???) for new speakers in the future

-Pack canton cd 2.22 + yamaha 550, a little too expensive but should perform better with music, isnt it?

-KEF KHT 1005 or KEF KHT-2005.2 and Denon 1905, also a little out of budget with the 2005.2 sistem

-Wait and gather some more money and buy something like the Oreus or MS Genie and a Yamaha 750 or Denon 2105 :boring:

Also, i dont know if it is better to buy better speakers and a "weak" receiver, or, weaker speakers and a better receiver, in case of a future upgrade

Sorry about the long post, but i´m getting tired of not knowing what to do



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go for the CD1 mate you will not be disapointed.........i did type a reallly long reply but something odd is going on today...


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If you go for the Yam 750 from germany it should leave you £500 for a speaker package and this should get you something decent.

I've just done this myself, but the size of room/wife permitted me to squeeze some floorstanders into a 5.1 system for better stereo reproduction.

Of little help I know, but to reiterate you should be able to locate a decent enough package on a budget of £500.


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I´m thinking of getting 4 cd10, 1 cd50 and 1as22sc from Canton. Latter i can upgrade the fronts to cd100 and have a full 7.1. Or getting the CD1 package and in the future going for something much better(i hope :D ) What do you think?
To complement this i will order a denon 1905 and pioneer 575.

Thanks for all the help

P.S.- By the way, could someone help me with the cables? I dont know what i need apart from scartBRG from tv to dvd and optical from dvd to amp. How about dvd-audio and speaker cables? I´m going to buy from www.tenspot.de

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