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I'm looking for a music video. Uploaded by a local Los Angeles or southern California based band; to YouTube. The song nor the band is commercially played on the radio. Thank the stars for YouTube sometimes, because I wouldn't be blessed with the feel good pep in my step this music video gives me. That day I saw it, it was like a key that unlocked my chains of giving up on myself for the day procrastinate attitude that I lock myself into sometimes. I felt good. I felt my light and wanted to shine it. This feeling got me on out of bed. Ready to find my sneakers I thrown over my head behind the sofa. Put them on, and start chasing my dream kind of attitude. Isn't music and anything that can magically do that; a wonderful blessing! So the band has a female lead singer. She is a blonde. The video is what I love!!! love love love!! It's simple and it's A1 fudgeing bad ass COOL COOL COOL. I'd love to save this video to my playlist. Ok, the video description because excuse me, I can't remember a damn lyric to the song. I know! I do like the song. I think maybe "Sometimes" or "So, Oh Well" is maybe the title. Something like that. The description of the video:
You watch a bald black man listening to his walkman or diskman rollerskating like a boss, down the sunny day, people filled sidewalks, of I'm guessing L.A.? California, is it sadly the only wonderful place in America; you can be sane and still skate down the sidewalk if your older than six? Folks, I say sadly because you have to trust; or not, but I'm sane and I still want to skate down the sidewalks and I'm older than twenties..... 41.... Oh my.. 41 and skating... does sound A bit old and a bit unstable like.. BUT look at Gwen Steffani she'd roller skate I bet! And she is older than me! And she is fabolous! I'm just a California dreamer on a cold winters day. I'd be safe and warm roller skating if I were in LA.. Oh, hello heh heh did I say sh*t out loud.. Okay wakey bakey sorry I degress or pardon the pun shall I say, degrass. Anyway he's, the man in the video, is skating down the streets and sidewalks, grooving the whole video. The end of the video he skates past the blonde lead female singer. She's not singing. She's standing there with sunglasses on. The very end it shows like a strobe light like imagines of him to her, the lead female singer. Him,l as he dance skates and her as she stands on the sidewalk. Thenof just her in the strobe flash images. SheSis standing on the sidewalk wearing dark ssunglasses.Then just her face flashing strobe a close up as the last beats of the music are played. Thank to all in advance. Lets let our little shine today friends! Your Be -you- tifull.. Have wonderful day loves. Bye

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