Want to buy panny pw7 need help with connections

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by lorielan, Nov 1, 2004.

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    hello everyone
    after reading several posts and opinion in this forum and elsewhere I'm convinced I want the new PW7 panny screen, my main concern is how to connect my existing hardware...
    I have at the moment a Sony VCR (I can see only scart connection) + DVD/Divx player Yamada (composite and scart), sat receiver NOT SKY = Humax 5400 (composite, scart, pc 9 pin), Nokia freeview receiver (it was once an On Digital receiver (only scart),
    for the audio part I have an old but very well working Yamaha 50W amplifier with 6 speakers connected to it.
    Can anyone suggest me the best possible connection?
    I have seen today the screen on sale at digital-point fpr £1799 including delivery and component board (TY42TM6Y), I think it is a good offer....

    thanks in advance for your help

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    I'm no expert but as far as I can see, all your components have SCART RGB at best, though some may only have composite.

    Whilst you could try daisy chaining, that is a lot of components so I personnally go for a SCART Switch (like the Quintro).

    So connect SCART leads from each of the DVD, VCR, Freeview and Humax to the inputs of the Quintro. Output of the Quintro to a SCART terminal board on the Panel.

    If all your devices support RGB then you may also want to consider a JS RGB to VGA convertor. This is supposed to give a superior picture and you don't need any terminal boards in the panel - just use the built-in VGA.

    Either way I would say that in your case the Component Terminal board isn't much use to you and you would be best off with a SCART board or an RGB/VGA convertor.

    I believe the Quintro also allows you to route some or all of its inputs to the Video input/output so you would be able to record from any source on the VCR using this set up - need to check that though as it is only what I have read.



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