Want to buy JBL Synthesis and/or Anthem


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This was in the wrong forum, so I’m creating a new post here, sorry!

I’ve been shopping around for some new audio equipment. I have looked at receivers and separates from many different brands. Arcam, Anthem, NAD, and JBL Synthesis. As far as what I want, I honestly don’t know for sure but gravitated towards separates this time and have narrowed it down to Anthem or JBL, leaning towards JBL. I have to go with used components as I am not rich, and plan to buy things slowly to help with sticker shock. I currently have a Yamaha V6a or whatever the model is with HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.1 has shown to be basically useless at this time. I have a PS5 and Sony 900h with HDMI 2.1, but I’m not noticing much, so keep this receiver isn’t in the cards. It sounds ok, but it’s time to get some better sound.

Is an older JBL processor, like the SDP-25 worth investing in? Would an Anthem processor sound better but still work ok with JBL EQs and amps or is best to buy the same components?

Ive seen 7 or 8 channel amps…would that be a better or worse idea then buy several 2 channel amps? In case amps go bad, I’ve been in a situation where having multiple 2 channel amps saved my bacon (movie theater)

last but not least, I was looking at the JBL SDEC 3000 or 4000. The connections the back confuse me. The Phoenix Combicon style confuses me as to how or why they are used.

I know these are a lot of questions, but the interwebs aren’t helping to answer many questions about these old components. I wish I could afford new, but I can’t. If anyone has this equipment or can point me to a great resource, I’d much appreciate it!



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No one has any thoughts or owns any of this equipment?
The SDP-25 is HDMI 1.4 and maxes out at 4K/30. This will severely hamper your PS5.

Phoenix connector can accept bare wire for speaker connections although you will need the male plug that goes with it. For XLRs you would need custom XLR to phoenix cables. A modern prepro would with decent room correction / parametric EQ likely be better value than those SDEC units. Nothing wrong with multiple 2 channel amps, you might want to check they at least have a trigger input and a trigger output which will mean you can daisy chain them which is easier.

You might want to consider the Anthem AVM70, Arcam AV40 or Monoprice HTP-1. These will provide good room correction built-in and the Monoprice does custom PEQ too.

Something like a Denon X4700h or Arcam AVR20 will be good units that can work as a prepro later when you want to add power amps. The Denon is cheaper, more stable and has HDMI 2.1 but the Arcam has better Dirac room correction. You did not mention your intended speaker setup which is fairly important to these decisions.


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I’m running an AVM 60 and JBL Synthesis 7200 7 channel amp and couldn’t be happier with both brands. Both are last gen but good enough for my purposes.

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