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I'm new to the forum and I am going to ask a question asked many times before. I have read with great interest the threads on the forum already. So, my question is aimed at the 'experienced', the 'experts'...

If you had £4k-£5k to spend right now on a plasma, what would you spend your money on?

I currently have a Sony 32" CRT, with a Sony DAV800 dvd and speaker system. Nothing fancy, but time to upgrade.

Suggestions please?
You and me both (the novices)

I post a thread a few days ago and I basically got a reply of it's upto you to decide. I have no problem with this. Use the forum and proper AV dealers (not comet etc) for advice

All I'll say is, check out all the AV dealers in your area for screens, av equipment and installation.

My probable set up will be

Nec 42" either P4 or XM2 (I'm getting a 3 year hot swap warranty on these screens)
Denon amp 3803
Denon 2200 DVD
speakers at this point are unknown. I've a demo on Thursday with some B&W's so.......
I was told to keep away from all in one kits as the quality is not as good as separates.

6K including install and cables etc

Have fun choosing and don't follow the herd. Make your own mind up.
Is this just 5K on the plasma.....???...or the whole setup.....??

If i had 5K for just the plasma, i think i would go for the PIONEER.......just because they have a good reputation and have been popular for a few years now, as being one of the best.
You could prob get a 50" for just over 5K from one of the other big names, but i think it depends on the size of room you have and the enviroment it will be going in to.
I've only got a 12' by 13' room, that is used for everyday living for me, my wife and the 4 kids, but i know that if i had that sort of money, then i would wait another week or so(to build more savings up) and get a 50" pioneer for my room, but then its everyone to there own..........some people would not dream of putting a screen that size in my little room and some people would buy something else, but this is just my opinion.

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