Want to buy an XLS200 sub in cherry but which one to get DF or FF


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I know this debate has been has many times but I am really torn between which one to get.

My thoughts are I personally would prefer forward firing bass. However I do think downward firing are far better when it comes to looks especially if it is in your lounge or on bit of a lifestyle system which is meant to be as discrete as possible. They also have a much much better WAF.

It is probably quite difficult to tell the difference in sound in practice and this would also depend on the rooms floor etc which would be a big factor. When it comes to the sound though it must be better having the driver point directly towards or into a room rather than at the floor. I have listened to a few subs and some good speakers which have bass drivers orientated or directed at the floor and yes there is lots of slam but its not quite the same as having it directed into the room. Isolation is another factor if the speakers going up and down unless there is dead weight on top of it, it is not going to have the same affect as some spikes or rubber feet underneath it griping and holding it from movement, especially something as powerful as the xls200 which has a lot of movement on the driver.

I'm on a lamented wood on concrete floor at the moment in my lounge, but there is always the possibility that in the future I may put the system back in my loft room where it is a wooden suspended floor.

If I was buying one second hand there wouldn't be the option but as there are non around at the moment I have to choose. I have seen that bk try to help out with special requirements. It would be nice if you could have the option so you could have both. If I bought a FF that's all I could use it as, but if it was a DF you could possibly removing the legs and putting a grill on, but are the spike holes on a FF unit that visible once removed? The other thing is the panel would be on the side if it was used as FF which is something that you could live with.

Decisions decisions.
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but there is always the possibility that in the future I may put the system back in my loft room where it is a wooden suspended floor.

I couldn't get a DF to work on my suspended wooden floor.

I'd go for a FF.


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That's what im afraid of if I ever do move around, and I have been known too. The only thing is if I did there is no possibility of using it as a DF ever as the panel will be on the top. I would prefer the FF for setting up and the way it would work but the DF would look better in my lounge and go down better with the mrs.

I know its not ideal but you could always use something like this on the sub and lay it side ways if you still have it, do you? it would then be a FF, well almost.

4 Speaker Spike Isolation Cone Turntable Deck NSS04 on eBay (end time 16-Jul-10 11:48:26 BST)

ebay item 300309758035
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I sold the DF and bought a FF, so I'm sorted :)

At the end of the day, only you can decide.


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There is a new paradigm SE subwoofer, 10 inch df that can be used on its side making it a ff, there haven't been any reviews yet, but i cost around £700.00, so I would assume that the xls200 can do the same, maybe someone on this forum can try it and let you know


Don't forget that the panel wouldn't have to be on top, it could be on either side...

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