Want to build own screen, is this decent?



I am in the proces of doing it aswell, and i never saw that site, although i was searching for like ever...

I ordered from Carls place,

How to Build Your Own Projector Screen

AS, if you google it, and you will get a lot of people who used his material.

Maybee you can but from PSC, and we can compare in a while ?


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15 foot throw, 120 inch image, low ambient light, white walls...

just wondering if in the end would grey make the hd20 look better or worse... better blacks but worse whites? its kinda bright in standard mode when lights are off...

and how can i know if that site sells 'good' material, besides the few things like Reflective ratio - 1 and Viewing angle of ≤180°... is that good?

is it decent for being so cheap?



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Belated reply:

I purchased 100" material from PSM and when it arrived it had some very small snags and there were some straight line marks on the material - like made by a biro. I contacted PSM and the seller agreed to send another lot straightaway. When it arrived it didn't have any snags but there were some marks again (in the viewing area) which was disappointing and when I emailed again I heard nothing - it's protected by PayPal I thought anyway.

Despite this I thought I would use the 2nd batch on my DIY screen and you cannot see the marks from normal viewing distance.

A grey screen would be better in a lighter room - mine is half-dark but I am going to put some Devore velvet up to reduce reflections off the ceiling and wall (and bright white door adjacent to screen!!) which I am hoping will considerably improve the blacks.

The viewing angle is actually <= 80 degrees (typo on website).

So in conclusion I think it's cheap and I got what I paid for. But I watched district 9 on the pj last night and I was blown away by the pq....bearing in mind this is my 1st proper pj in a suitable room. But from my experience PSM customer service is rubbish.

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