Want second projector for bedroom, better than ae100, dlp maybe?


Hey all

My aging AE100 that refuses to die gracefully needs a gentle push into projector heaven, I therefore will be requiring a new projector for the bedroom and my student loan just came through. Yee haaaa. But I don't want to spend much because my car is in dire need of some mechanical lovin...Booooo

I remember seeing an Infocus 4805 years ago which produced a great 3D pic but as my girlfriend could see rainbows, didn't get it. But this time we will be lying in bed with very little head movement (no puns please) so.....I'm willing to take the risk again.

It all boils down to this:

What DLP is as good as or better than a 4805 that also has a speaker in it and can be found for peanuts, like arround the £300 mark and can throw same pic as AE100?

Will be connected to a PS2 for DVD's n Games...thats it.



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Hi Anim

The Optoma H30 is of the same era as the 4805 and should be around that price point or less 2nd hand but it doesn't have a speaker.

Your best bet is perhaps Optoma's DV10 but that creeps out of the £300 budget at £550.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope that's helps.


Ill add Dv10 to my list of research

So far have:

1) Infocus 4805      854x480     750 Lumen      2200:1     £500
2) Infocus IN72      854x480     900 Lumens     2000:1     £578 
3) Toshiba MT400     1024x576    850 Lumens     3000:1     £568 
4) BenQ W100         854x480     1300 Lumens    2500:1     £400
5) ThemeScene HD70   1280x720    1000 Lumens    4000:1     £680
6) Optima DV10       854x480     1000 Lumens    4000:1     £600
With the BenQ W100 being the closest to my budget. Hi-Def doesn't interest me as I have a TX200 and zero 720p material so its a waisted effort for me really.

Argh, as always its a nightmare :confused:



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Anim, I had an Email off of this company today ( www.misco.co.uk) And i know its another LCD projector but...... Epson EMP-TW20 LCD
HD Ready.
Built in speaker.
**** 3 YEAR LAMP WARRANTY !!! ******

All this for a low price of........ £528.74 including VAT :smashin:

******************** THIS IS A VERY GOOD PRICE FOR THIS LITTLE LOT*************


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Just looked onn the web site and they also have an INFOCUS IN24 DLP projector for £434 !!!


Heya, thanks for replying. I don't want the TW20 as I already have an LCD and want DLP this time.

Also the INFOCUS IN24 is not really suitable for home cinema, its 4:3 and has a 2 speed wheel (eeek)
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