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Apr 5, 2001
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I am looking for an ISP rather than piggy backing on my work ISP as we now exceed 150 hours per month with work my boss and us using the same account.

I want ISDN via a router and unlimited with web space for about £15 per month.

Fed up of Indian call centre people:rolleyes:
I assume you already have a router Martin?

Do you need 64K or 128K access? Many ISPs offer an unmetered 64K service for around £15 but not 128K. Do you mean unlimted access or unlimited webspace? Strictly neither is available. Most ISPs cap usage betweeen 100 and 200 Hrs at 64K and half that at 128K. Apparently the www.onetel.net Gamers Xtra package allows 128K connections although not officially supported and they don't seem to have any restrictions on usage either.

Hope this helps :)
Hi Martin,

I had the "GameXtra" package with onetel, that had a 6 hour continious use before need a re connect (instant reconnect btw) that cost £14.99 a month. I used a ISDN modem/router, had that for just under 12 months. The only prob I had was when Onetel's system had me has a 2 hour reconnect, not a problem when browsing, but a pain when playing Everquest.

Hope that helps

web addy if you want to take a look

DLink DI300 sitting here next to me

Thanks chaps I will contact onetel
64k will do

DLink DI300 here set to btconnect urghh!!!! **

and of course work!

I want about 10-15MB of web space to move my web site across from office URL, and about 150-200 hours per month.

** Keeps losing connection!
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I only had 64k I dont thing they offered duel bonding.


Oh and onetel allow you as much time as you need, non of this 150 hours a month muck!! :zonked:
onetel now!!!

Currently using USB ISDN as I wanted to test it before resetting the router.

NO drops either!
Glad to hear you're up and runnning again Martin. Any chance you could try out 128K to see if it works? I too need to decide on an ISDN ISP as I'm moving soon and I'll be losing my ADSL :( - I don't think I could cope with just 64K!

Rumour has it that it should work after a couple of tries and that it works only on the 08089 number and not with the backups.



>pcdoc: Thanks for the info.

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