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As stupid as this sounds (while I admit I'm a novice) I can't find a quality brand 42 to 47 LED with more than one video&audio input besides HDMI and coaxial. Besides one component input for a DVD player, I desire both {HDMI, plus a component or a composite} for my Magnavox DVD recorder. I've looked at LG, Mag, Phillips, Sharp, and Vizio, and don't even consider RCA, Westinghouse, and no-names. I haven't found any that take two RCA-plug type inputs, except with shared audio. Shared audio input is absurd IMO. Just provide each an audio!

I normally run HDMI from the Magnavox but I have to simultaneously connect component or composite to get captions. That sounds ridiculous to me but captions on my (going away) 2010 Sanyo 46" say "not available" when on channel HDMI1, but Video1,2,3 gets them.

Perhaps I'm spoiled? The Sanyo has 3 HDMIs, two 5-plug component inputs as Video2 and Video3, and L/R/V for Video 1 (which I understand is usually called "composite"). Note, no "shared audio input" here which limits you to one single non-HDMI. Currently all these inputs are RCA phono plug size (except HDMI and Coax and S-vid and PC and USB inputs).

Why is this so hard to find? Is Sanyo the only major name maker that allows two non-HDMI devices besides Coax?? This is ridiculous. Rather than buy what I want, I may have to buy a garbage RCA or something just for the simple ability to both see captions plus have an additional DVD player. (By the way, the player doesn't have HDMI output.)

I think I need a CHART. BTW I've seen liar descriptions (mainly because of the shared audio). The objective is HDMI plus TWO RCA-type inputs.

Thanks and hope this isn't too wordy; doing my best to describe everything without wasting your valuable and very appreciated time.
I would suggest that you're wasting YOUR time venting your frustration on this Forum, as some of the Makers you mention (RCA, Magnavox, Westinghouse) are completely unknown, here in the UK !

May I suggest you post on the US-based www.avsforum.com ?
Thanks for straightening me out. I didn't know.

Well, you're not the first - and I'm certain you won't be the last !

I've already suggested that this Forum should announce itself as 'UK-based', to save confusion; but the suggestion was (courteously) rejected !

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