Want blu player with catch up TV, is PS3 an option


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Hi guys looking for some advice, its for my parents not me mainly because they ask me for advice and I've not really got any to give in this case.

They want both the ability to be able to play blu-rays and watch the catch up TV services, primarily ITV player ands BBC iplayer and ideally using only one box, they also don't want to spend a fortune, probably £200 max.

Catch-up tv was something I had presumed would be available on most internet enabled blu-ray players but apparently not. At least not itv player.

I've suggested the alternatives of a mini-computer ( plus a player) or a player with recorder but these options rapidly but the price up.

Now some googling suggests the PS3 offers ITV player plus the others, and with the combined blu-ray they seem like a feasible option, plus you can get an additional gadget for £50 or so that allows TV to be recorded to their hard drive. Now I know there are a few drawbacks with the PS3 but technically they seems a bit too complicated. All they want is to be able to take the HDMI cable from the player to the TV and be able to watch blu-ray films.

I'm not a gamer so i've never really used a PS3 so I don't really know how much effort is required to start a blu-ray disc playing etc ( i.e I don't suppose it will automatically play like a dedicated player would)

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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The ps3 is the only player I am aware of with iplayer itvplayer and 4OD.

If the ps3 is on it will start playing the disc straight away when it is inserted. Otherwise menus are basicaly the same as my sony bluray player.


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No I don't

May want to factor in extra money for the remote since it has play stop pause skip buttons etc making it easier

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