Want another iPad but don't need one...


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We need a new vacuum cleaner and she's decided we're having a Dyson. (If anyone can help me pick the model, help would be appreciated here: http://www.avforums.com/threads/help-please-–-which-dyson.1881593/)

My argument is that if she gets that, I should have something of comparable value – a second iPad, obviously! The trouble is, unlike the cleaner, we don't need another iPad. I could do with a bigger, newer, Retina one to sit alongside my 16GB one, but it's not exactly an essential.

But the idea really is growing on me. Refurb 4th gens aren't too pricey, and I think I'd be happy with that. But then the Air is lovely, but the expense comes into it more. Or do I just wait and see what happens in the autumn?

With the Air and the previous model, anyone know whether there's an obvious difference when in use? I know the physical and spec differences, but wondered if anyone going from one to the other noticed anything performance-wise.

Decisions, decisions.


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I did not any difference in use between the iPad 4 and the Air. However, the overall dimensions and weight are significantly reduced on the Air which in my opinion makes it worth paying the extra for.

If you wait until the Autumn you will most likely be able to buy the Air at a lower price, and even better a refurbished one.


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Mmmmmm... Not sure that equates to £60 better. But then it might in a year. The Dyson's ordered now, reckon it's time I had something I wanted now.


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Ha ha. It won't come to that: if I – sorry, we – got a second iPad, neither of us would be fighting the other for use of the current iPad. Perhaps that's how I sell the idea.


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Actually, that's how it went in our house. I had the original iPad, and the wife took a liking to it. Now she has an iPhone and an iPad Air, and I have an iPad mini retina!

Beware Apple addiction.
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We're way past that. I can barely get a look in, and when I do, the battery's down to five per cent...

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