want an ISP 1MB £26.99


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Checked out the link, shame, the 1 and 2 meg according to there line checker wont work from my exchange. Ho Hum:(



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Hmmm....2mb for less than I am paying for 1mb - sounds almost too good to be true. Anyone use it? Dont want to give up a very reliable connection for a crap one by a fly-by-night company but 2mb is v appealing.


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Hi all,

Wingzero21, how have you found the company?
I'm looking to go to 1mb access at a new house
and the £26.99 is extremely tempting.

I presume it is so cheap because they have an initial set-up charge of £58.75, whereas other companies include that in their monthly charging structure?




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No actually the reason it is quite cheap is that it uses a different technolgy from the normal ADSL links which is known as IP stream, they use a large and well know telecommunications company know as telefonica! (Big in Europe) They use datastream and this is cheaper on the exchanges to my knowledge etc.... There is a downside and that is that gaming is not too good on some servers as they route through germany I believe, but there is a debate at the moment they may be changing the routing back to through the uk!!!

A company called Hi-Volcity use the same thing but route through the uk, have similar prices! For me though Central point connection is pretty damn good I am getting 850-930 k connection near enough all the time and it is good for the money I pay!!

For more indepth information I suggest you check outAdslGuide and check the forums thats how I got my provider etc its really helpful!!!

PS: When I signed up the connection fee was 30 quid I believe, they put it up???

Bob Todd

These people messed alot of people about including me so I went to firefly

2mbit = 40

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