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Want a New TV - Gaming / General Use


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Ive currently got a Samsung 40" B650 which im looking to replace with something bigger.

I game a lot, so that is a big factor. I know the B650 got some bad reviews when it came to input lag etc. Think it was arounf 100ms even on Game mode.

Other than that, its Sky, Blu Rays, etc. Also use it as the screen for my HTPC, which i also use for TV shows etc. SD and HD.

Im leaning towards an LED, as i dont think a Plasma would really be suitable for pro longed use as a desktop monitor, what with the task bar etc?

I like the look of the Samsung UE55D8000. Its far from cheap though. There are lower spec models, without 3D etc, but do they lose any significant features or quality?

I really dont care about Smart TV or anything similar. My current TV has simialr, and i never use it. My PC is connected, so i will ALWAYS prefer to use that.
I dont care about connectivity. Again, it will be my PC screen, so hardly need to stream content to the tv.
I dont care about 3D. Yet seems most tvs have this. Surprised how much its being pushed tbh. Seeing as i will end up with it no doubt. Should i worry about Active v Passive.

I sit about 10 foot away, straight on. Im not entirely sure i can justify a 55". But this model for example is only £400 more than the 46". So unless its going to be too big viewing wise ? Id probably opt for the larger size if i think it makes sense price wise.

Ive read a bit about bad LED side lighting, banding etc. Currently i notice the back lights on my B650, only when there is no source, and in the evening.
I like to think im a bit techy, but in reality, i probably couldnt tell the difference between 2 similar pictures.

Seem to be a lot of recommendations for Pannys GT/VT30. But im not sure Plasma is suitable. I have a 6 month ol, so no doubt it will be gettign poked, aswell as the worry of IR.
its early on ?

Also, when do new models normally come out ? Is it worth waiting till next year if its early on

Thanks for any advice.
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