want a new pda


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hi i currently use a palm lifedrive pda as a sat nav and would like a new pda thats good for sat nav, it needs to have bluetooth and wifi, i use tomtom.


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You could try the Mio P550 or the Asus mypal A636 both have what you require.

Mio is cheaper, but has WM5 and less memory. (I think the only real advantage of WM6 is HTML emails.)


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I've just replaced my Palm T3 with an Acer N321 (also known as the N311). It is a magnificent beast with a few drawbacks.
1. The screen is about the same size as the T3 (and lifedrive) but it is 640x480 and very bright.
2. The overall size is smaller than the T3 when it was closed - that means much much smaller than the lifedrive.
3. The Windows mobile OS seems to deal with a Bluetooth GPS device much better than the Palm OS does.
4. The cradle has a battery socket which means you can keep a fully charged spare battery (the battery fits like a mobile phone battery in the PDA).
5. The cradle has a USB socket that allows you to connect a USB device like a full size keyboard or a card reader to the PDA without the need for a PC.
6. It has WiFi.

1. There is no "out of the box" alternative to Palm Desktop so you need to buy additional software to sync your diary and contacts.
2. You need to buy Windows Mobile versions of software that you may have for the palm.
3. There is no fixing point for a case which means that you either use none (and risk damaging the screen) or get one that totally envelops the PDA which adds significantly to it's dimensions.
4. It has no InfraRed.
5. They have been very well reviewed and as a result they are like hens teeth to find at a reasonable price (I eventually got mine from Insight after weeks of searching).

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