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Want a good crt pj at a reasonable price?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by neilc, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. neilc


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    If so, then look no further than screens uk and the ellie 2000 or 3000. After auditioning several models and technologies from numerous manufacturers, my wife and I decided to purchase an Ellie 3000. We had a demo at screens-uk and were immediately impressed. The entry-level projector is an excellent quality machine for the price, but if future proofing is of a concern (HDTV for example), then the 3000 is the one to go for.

    We also arranged for a set of 2nd user glass lenses, which increased the quality of the image. We bought a full package from screens-uk (screen, pj, lenses and installation), which they were happy to specify and supply; the key here is to listen to what they suggest. All too often we want the biggest image but in some cases this isn’t always the best.

    The installation is carried out by their own engineers, which are randomly checked for quality and satisfaction.

    One point to add is that all too often people are very quick to criticise products of a cheaper price or with a name with which they are unfamiliar. Infact, the Ellie 2000 is of a comparable quality to Barco – given that they contain quite a few of their parts, including a line-doubler and a tripler in the 3000. My suggestion therefore is if you are in the market for a CRT then at least go and have a demonstration. Screens are not pushy, they build their sales primarily on recommendations from previous customers, they will provide as much help and assistance as you need (pre and post sales …. Believe me, they answer e-mails at anytime) and their products are as good as anything costing half as much again …. And they’re brand new … with a 12-month warranty.

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    Dec 3, 2000
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    At last,

    In the past i have been the only one who has shouted about this company and its 2 great projectors, most of the time as can be seen from past threads i have been shot down in flames, by barco & seleco fans, as the ellie is not a brand leader,
    the ellie is a great projector for the money, i would pitch it against most of the top projectors, the barcos are great projectors but twice the price and twice the size, the ellie i have found to be reliable and will do the job, without scalers etc,
    obviosly there benefits with external scalers and htpc but as roland said one time in my past thread about scalers they do make the picture very soft.
    Like yourself, more than any projector is the service you get afterwards, there is no messing around with after service calls,
    once the engineer has been and fitted it that is it, no hidden charges no scare mongering, some charge for a 2nd call after the projector settles down, (what a conn) I WAS CHARGED £500.00 FOR A COMPLETE INSTALL, that is projector, and screen, and all the wiring that goes with it, some charge extortionate rates for simply calibrating when really it turns out to be converging, - i accept that calibrating does sometimes mean more than converging, ie grey scale etc,

    screens uk will not do that if the machine is at fault, i have rung them up outside office hours and have been talked through the problem,
    nothing can be more valuable than that, BACKUP, also the fact that their sales girl is one gorgeouse bird also makes the viewing of any screen and prjecotr that extra bit of an experience :D
    it is true there are better projectors out there that is no doubt, but you will be hard pushed to find a brand new projector that offer the same value for money as the ELLIE XS 2000 & XS 3000.
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