want a dvd player that can play 720p or 1080i.. this is what a salesman said:



my dvd movies are getting jealous of HD broadcasts, and i want to be able to watch a movie in 720p or 1080i. but here's what circuit city said when i went there:

1- if you dont have a dvi input in your HDTV, forget about it. component cables cannot carry a 720p or 1080i signal. (my tv does not have a dvi input)

2- you won't see the difference.

3- here are some models that are progressive scan (this was after i told him i had a progressive scan at home already)

can i get some comments on this?

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Component cables CAN carry 720/1080 signals. But there are only 3 DVD players that will allow this - all foreign. The Momitsu DV880 (Japan), The Brainwave DV880 (A Momitsu Clone from Germany...has a scart socket) and the Yamakawa 365 (Germany again). The HD signal is passed by switching off the macrovision in a "secret menu". It's the macrovision that stops the hi def signal being passed via component on all the other players that have DVI/component out.
I've seen both in action, and the DVI out is streaks ahead. However, only plasma screens and projectors can display hi def pictures, even if fed through component. If your TV is prog scan only, just stick with a prog scan player...


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Very interest in your post and have a couple of follow-up questions.
Can all 'standard' dvd's output a hi def signal, and is it possible to configure this 'secret menu' to allow progressive scan players like the 2800mk2 to accept this and output it to a suitable projector??

Why has access to this hi def feed been blocked by the dvd player manufacturers ??



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Er, what is the point - there are no 720p or 1080i DVD discs and won't be this side of HD-DVD/BluRay, so what is the point? Bottom line: current DVDs are 640x480 with the colour signals at 320x240 (upsampled via MPEG) - nothing about that is going to change until the new formats are released.

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Indeed. you are only changing where the scaling is done. The guy in the shop is a divot though. Ask him what the HDcomponent out put sockets on teh Mitsubishi and JVC HD tape decks are for....and how they output HD 1080i when they don;t have DVI sockets.......

Also it's worth mentioning that its not just plasma and projectors that can display HD material. In the US where the poster is there are plentyof CRT direct view and rear projection not to mention LCD displays that can do this.

There are many things that can have an affect on the picture. You may find that an interlaced outputting DVD player will give you a better image on your display than one which de-interlaces and upscales poorly.


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Calvin, you should really check out the High Definition forum to see what the options are. Suffice to say here you will not get HD through any standard DVD.

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I didn't realise he was in the states either...BTW, I had a demo of the DVHS when I visited mattmarsden a little while ago. IMHO, the PQ was far superior to DVD. he also had a Samsunf 935 fooked up to a Sony HS10 via DVI, and the DVHS was far better...(sorry matt...)
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