Walt Disney Treasures tins - new R1 releases


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Recieved TOMORROWLAND this morning from DVDSoon :clap:

It is identical to the earlier R1 releases except for the fact that instead of having the "limited edition" number stamped on the tin you get a numbered certificate instead :confused: I presume the other three new ones will be the same as well - anyone got any yet and can confirm?


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I received Mickey Mouse Vol.2 yesterday, and it is exactly as you describe. Bit of a shame, the numbered tins were quite smart. Having said that, the general package is to the usual high standard and should provide me with hours of fun..... or days of fun when the others arrive :thumbsup:


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I got it yesteray too... don't know why they had to change it :( Oh well, still better and cheaper than the region 2 versions...


Got the "Tomorrowland" set this week, with the others on their way. Was disappointed to see that althought the basic design is the same as the R2 tins, the tins on the R1 editions are considerably smaller.
This means of course they don't match on the shelf - buy hey, life's a bitch ain't it? :(

Must say I disagree with comments on another thread about the R1 tins being preferable to the R2 editions. The slightly bigger R2 tins are more smoothly contoured and more streamlined and elegant looking. Also prefer the velour inset into which the disc rests in the R2, rather than simply sitting loose in the tin as the R1 does.


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Personally I prefer the fact that the R1s are smaller, and they are also sturdier - the R2s I saw in the shop the other day wouldn't even close properly... You also get the cardboard wrap around.
Other than that there isn't much difference - If I was starting from scratch I certainly wouldn't pay £50 for the R1 Micky Mouse in Living Colour or Silly Symphonies when you can get the R2 versions for £20


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Wave 4, due late this year (so it could be anytime thereafter really), will include:

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse B&W vol 2
Walt Disney Treasures: Pluto
Walt Disney Treasures: True Life Adventures
Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse Club

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