Wallbracket screw stuck in TV. HELP!



Hello, my new 37" toshiba LCD arrived today. I already had part of the bracket connected to the wall so just had to connect the bars to the back of the TV. First 3 screws go in fine but the 4th and last is a little loose so i tighten it a little more, was only using a hand screw driver, and the screw snaps in half!!! Not sure what to do so i phone Vogels(bracket makers) and they say: "we have never heard of this before" "you must have over tightened" "we are not willing to say whether 3 screws is enough to hold it" and thats it! No help whatsoever!!

Has this happened to anyone else before? What did you do you? Any advice anyone? Any ideas on how to get it out? Would it be possible to weld the bar to the telly? And do you think 3 screws is sufficent to hold it?

Thanks in advance!


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I have two Samsung LCDS and looking to get a third for the Kitchen (have 4 kids)
Should have got the TVs sooner?!!

Ref stuck screw, try the following to remove the remaining stub:-

1. First apply small amount of WD-40 to the thread of the stub. Allow it to penitrate for a short while. Carefull not to spray any into the rear of the TV.

2. Try to unscrew the stub by grasping with vice grips/pliers or use snips up & down the way accross the threads (prefferably someone else's snips since this can damage them!). Make sure the stub is turning and not just the tool.

3. If it still wont budge, you need to form a slot in the top of the stub (so that you can get a flat blade driver in it). To do this use a junior hacksaw or small file. This is slightly tricky, so be carefull & dont rush. The slot needs to be central of course. Make the cut deep enough so that you get decent purchace with the screw driver. You wouldn't want to break the screw (again!).

Tip! - Sometime a slight tighten on the screw will help prior to removal.

Assuming you get the screw stub out, you will now need to make sure the hole thread is not damage. Try using a spare screw with a bit of WD-40 to clear the threads - bit by bit though, unscrewing now & then if it starts to get stiff (the screw that is, remember wot we are on about here lads!).

If the stub is well and trully stuck you might be able to use a nut to lock down the remaining threads and fix the bracket. If you do this you may need to trim any length above the nut.

Under no circumstance weld anything to the chassis of the TV, unless u want a permanant black screen. High current and electronics do not mix!!:suicide:

Good luck!



thanks for your reply and help but the screw sheered off flush and theres noway of getting a hacksaw to it to make a cut. I just can't believe a screw for a heavy television that hangs on the wall just broke off with a hand screw driver!


as the stud is flush and you cant get to it with grips etc.

you cant weld on it as its lcd tv.. :eek:

cordless drill with small drill bit.....

drill hole into the stud carefully..and use a stud extractor.


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In that case you don't hav a lot of options avalable.

If the broken screw is at the bottom, then the top screw (plus the two from the other side) should take the load. I would concider bonding the bracket to the chassis with araldite or something as good. Once set it should be good (at least better than nothing).

Once fitted and secure, if it holds it should hold for good.


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I would also take the stud extractor route as suggested by Tornado but that depends on how confident / competent you are with this type of tool. I certainly wouldn't recommend using WD40 or any other spray, that will only really help if there is corrosion or dryness involved and I cant see that is the case here, its more likely the screw has either bottomed out because the hole was not deep enough or the screw was too long, or it was cross threaded. In either case it is getting sufficient torque to undo it that is needed.
If all fails and it feels secure with just the 3 existing screws then it probably is. These sort of fixings are tested way beyond what they are recommended to hold but I realise you may be like me and the fact it is not right will probably nag away at the back of your mind.
Good luck.


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Buy a Dremmel drill package that should contain a super small cutting disk, approx half inch wide. This should allow you to get a bit of a notch cut into the flush snapped off section.


drill hole down middle just one or two millimtres wide and tap, wedge something like tiny allen key that has the t bar section on it to allow you to untwist\ unscrew..!!!

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yea dont keep us in suspense! i might get stuck in the same position tomorrow! lol :rolleyes: *touches a saw mill*

personally id of gone for the drill a hole method if applying force to get leverage to unscrew didnt work

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