Wallace & Gromit are no more...


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Aardman animations studio in Bristol has burnt to the ground destroying everything... link


Dr Diversity

Just read the story. What a sad day for them but they put it into perspective with world events and are not overplaying it


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That's really awful to hear! To see all your work go up in flames, must be absolutely heart-wrenching! :(

I know it's only a tiny issue, in comparison to other world events, but this was a company that brought joy to millions of people all over the world, both young and old! Such a shame that this has to happen, just after their new film has been released. :(

I do hope Dreamworks will help them financially, to try and recreate some of the characters.



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Just as the new W&G film is coming out!
I hope they make lots of dosh from the new film so they can start fresh!


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If Morph has been burnt to a smudge, won't he just pop back into shape again? ;)


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PJTX100 said:
If Morph has been burnt to a smudge, won't he just pop back into shape again? ;)
He would have escaped by turning into a cylinder and disappearing into the floor.

Nice to see Mr Park keping in perspective

Geordie Jester

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that lurpak character was destroyed too :(

though to be honest...... being butter.... he didnt stand a chance. Just hope the smoke got him first.

<Breaking News: Chas spotted on security cameras with a can of petrol>

...seriously though, bad news...

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