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Hi All,

I am waiting on delivery of my new px60 plasma which will be mounted on a weird wall.

The wall is between two rooms, it isn't very thick, and kind of resembles the look of egg cartons, The construction is in what looks like square blocks as such, any ideas what type of wall this is? The house is 30 years old now i believe.

With this in mind what is the best way to attach it to the wall?

I am generally ok with diy, but when it comes to the walls they don't hold anything so product names etc would be amazing,

Thanks a lot.


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it could be a case of building a frame within the wall to mount your plasma on then you could hide the cables within the wall it sounds like a type of fire wall but then im no builder all the best


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Thanks for the response i have posted a similar question in home diy as i hope for a better response, so i may get slapped for duplicate posting. I hope not as this was asking for the type of wall, where as my other post is asking about how to put it up.

Just don't want the thing to all down, it arrived today


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This wall construction is plasterboard (usually 12.5) either side of a honeycombe construction enabling thin (and cheap) construction on interior walls rather than using studs and insulation between the plasterboard.

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