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Jul 11, 2003
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I'm looking for a good online supplier of wall sockets for RF/ Sat / Networking/ phone etc. Maplin don't seem to have a huge range. Particularly interested in plates that double up eg. one RF, one F type etc.
CPC ? Wide range.

ARD Electronics ?

tlc might be worth a look.Also how about your local elctical wholsaler. the best option maybe to make up the combination you want using the grid switch range, there are various switches and connectors that clip into a frame and a selection of front plates to suit the decor
Have you tried Screwfix. I bought my RJ45 wall plates from there.
I've found Screwfix to be very good to deal with and sell good quality at nice prices most of the time.

BUT beware of their super cheap ranges.

I've had sockets that don't switch and a table saw that fell apart 30secs after turning it on. Luckily their returns service is very slick. I buy things I've heard the name of now.
I live near screwfix, often pop down to their little shop, its very good.
Originally posted by Garysweb
I live near screwfix, often pop down to their little shop, its very good.

Until they up sticks and re-locate to Birmingham. Laying off 500 staff in the process :(

Shame really their prices are really good, delivery is excellent and they carry virtually everything.
Yer i know loads of people who work there, who will probably loose their jobs.
Those Nexxia binding posts look good value. I'm just wondering if there is an electric shock risk with having exposed metal terminals. There is mention of covering caps. Would these protect small probing fingers?
I would assume so. As long as you can't create a bridge between the + and - terminals, things should be safe. I installed mine a while ago. I've now got a toddler and a new baby to worry about so i'm looking to go over to XLR or Neutric speakon's. They're much safer all round.

That's exactly the sort of supplier I'm after, brilliant thanks. Having just learnt that I will soon hear the patter of tiny wellies, I have to start thinking in those terms too! I guess you could hook it up and wrap the bare conectors with electrical tape. Not that pretty but would be OK if done carefully.

Right, have to completely redesign the wiring schematic now.....

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