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Hi there,

I am renovating my old tenement flat and I am looking to install wall sockets for my tv signal and satellite signal for either virgin or sky.

My end goal is to be able to swap between the two signals depending on which company I choose to have a subscription with, without having to run external cables. Only one signal will be running on each occasion, either virgin or sky.

- All the cables for my TV, Virgin, Sky-tv are entering my property from the living room window.
- Ideally, I would like to install a permanent wall socket that could accept the above signals and run the cables to an "out of sight" location, at which either Sky or Virgin could be connected to the socket. The TV signal will obviously run permanently.

- What kind of hardware do I need to achieve that? (Please be specific as I have never attempted this before).

Bonus Question:
In the case I would choose Virgin, I would also like to take their fiber optic internet which coincidentally also enters my property from my living room. I would also like to install a permanent wall socket for that, next to my TV/Satellite one. What hardware would I need for that?

Sorry for the long post, just tried to explain my situation as good as I could.
Virgin may, or may not, use your cable, but they certainly won't use your wall socket. For safety reasons Virgin wall sockets have to be properly isolated to protect their network and other customers from possible faults on your equipment.

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