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Hi there i seen on quite a few setups where ppl have a wall recess to store films...av eqiupment etc. Are these false walls or very deep real ones.....i would to love do such an install and would appreciate any advice....in terms of material tools methods etc.

Thxs ppl!!:D


loafer my guess is ,it is really deep false ones you are talking about,if you do a search on installs or look at other peoples set ups,you will see there web page at the bottom of their postings they often have a photo album to show the build as it progressed, especially on the US based AVS forum,the material that is mostly used is MDF board to make racks and shelves etc.to which doors are then made and then decorated over to match in with the rest of the room and create the impression of a deep wall reccess........hope this is what you ment:)


Yup thxs m8! i saw another install but now i reckon this guy had a chimney in the middle of the wall and then made a flush wall for the gaps on either side and therefore filled in the wall with a recess for AV Equipment.

Unfortunatly i knocked all the chimneys out in my house otherwise i could have done something similar on one side. Hmm may make a custom rack for my stuff i guess.



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i did something like this and one of the big problems I have is access.

I build a rundimentary shelving system into a recess but, being a tweaker at heart, I'm constantly cursing the design. I simply cannot get access to the rear of the equipment without pulling everything out.

Who knew there would be som many cables!

Anyone any ideas on some sort of easy to build sliding shelf arrangement?


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