Wall plates or straight cable runs




I'm totally new to here and wanted to ask some advice. :lease:

I'm looking to set up a 5.1 setup useing my epos es11's (two pairs) and an els centre with cyrus amps. wanted to know if it was better to run cable straight from the amps to the speakers or wether using wall plates was a good idea like these


will it make much diffrence to the quality of sound to put the plates in and can anybody reccomend good cable for a cyrus/epos setup




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I would say that, whilst wall plates have the edge on neatness and ease of use, it will always sound better to have the cable going straight to the speakers. This way, there are less connections for the signal to pass through, as each connection can reduced the voltage or become a problem point. However, these look like very nice wall plates indeed, and would be excellent for a multi-room system.


corpus is right your connections are only as good as your weakest link. I don't know what the connections are like on the back of these wallplates but if they pass the signal through bad quality copper or a small amount of it your quality may suffer.

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