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I would like to install one of these how would i wire it up? By this i mean do i just channel my leads into the wall and connect them as normal to the back of this plate or would i need to solder them to the back?

If i need to solder them how hard is this to do (i have never soldered anything before)

ive got like a box full here and the wires simply wrap around, they have like little holese were you put your sires through and wrap around, you may also solder them this would probably be better, and its easy to do on something like this ;)

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Hello tripleblack

The plates you link to say they use Solder connections on the rear of the plate - if you don't fancy soldering you could instead seek out plates that include a 'passthru' arrangement so you simply plug pre made cables into a socket on the rear of the plate.

The 4-pin mini din connector used for S-Video is not easy if your new to soldering.


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