Wall panels, tiles?


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Has anyone seen anything like these wall panels/tiles before?

I absolutely love them, but have no idea where you can get them from? Are they heavy and expensive?

Anyone got any experiences?

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they look like a natural stone. At a guess I'd say a honed slate of some kind approx 400x 400 0r even 600 x 600 by about 10-12mm thick. Have a look here Honed Brazilian and Indian Slates for Floors and Walls

If it is the slate then weight wise it's pretty heavy. You'd have to make sure the wall and substrate was up to bearing the m2 load and use a proper cement based adhesive.

Also the tiles would have to be well calibrated otherwise laying them on the wall would be a complete nightmare (you can get away with slightly lesser calibration on the floor by compensating with bed thickness- not such a good idea on the wall with tiles that size!)

EDIT: Also there seems to be minimal/zero grout lines so another reason to need good calibration not just thickness wise but dimensionally



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j3ff, thanks for the response.

Not as simple as I first thought, I have a wall which would look perfectly finished like this in my new build...

...downsides being the dot n dab walls are like cardboard, so not entirely practical given i'm on a budget!

I wonder if you can get some other kind of textured wall finish/panel?



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Well, you could always go with fake vinyl slate wall tile -

slate vinyl wall tile - Google Search

It comes in a variety of shade, as well as marble, wood, granite, and similar -

Luxury_vinyl_tiles - T84 Knight Tile Slate Copper | Luxury Lifestyle Products Ltd - The Best in Interior Design

Karndean DA Vinci Celtic Slate Oxide CC08 Vinyl Floor Tiles

DIY.com- Vinyl Tile - Black Slate

DIY.com - Vinyl Tile - Metallic Blue Slate

This is very light weight, typically self-adhesive, but need to be rolled down to make sure it sticks tight. Also, proper prep of the surface of the wall can assure good adhesion.

Same look, lower cost, easier to install.

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Sorry to hijack, but Steve how easy is it to install them onto and MDF floor mate? How would I go about prepping it?


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Supposedly the key to good adhesion is to use a special heavy roller to make sure the seams are pressed down hard, and completely sealed. You can probably find books or website with detailed instructions. Or consult with the local building supply store on preparing the floors to take the tiles.


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