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I have a Sony KDL40W4500 arriving on Tuesday that I plan to wall mount.

I have ordered one of these mounts.

The wall is a wood and plasterboard stud. Unfortunately the construction of the wall only gives me a single vertical stud to mount the screen on, as you can see in the diagram, and I can build a floating wall in front as there is a trapdoor to the cellar. ( See attached diagram )

My question, perhaps predictably is, should I be OK using the single stud along with some good plasterboard plugs at the corners. The 25kg weight seems quite reasonably to be, but then I've never put a big LCD on a wall before.

Thanks in advance

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The fact that this bracket is a tilting one you will have the added problem of the TV pulling away from the wall as well as downwards. This could be too much strain on a single wooden stud and much more likely to pull the plasterboard plugs out.

Must it be tiltable?


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I think it does need to tilt, however having read the instructions for the mount I think I'll just cope with it being slightly off centre and use the two studs.

Just not worth the risk really is it.

Thanks for the advise.

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