Wall mounts/brackets for Sony HT-BE1 speakers


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Hi all. Just purchased a fully working Sony HT-BE1 from a car boot sale for £5. I would like to wall mount the satellite speakers but they do not have a visible place to screw in a wall mount. Has anyone else got this system, which mounts/brackets did you use? Thanks.

Robbie F

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That was a GREAT buy! :thumbsup:
Anyway ... the bottom of each speaker SHOULD have a moveable desk/wall mount attached. ( That's the bit where the speaker cable goes.) Each speaker should have a two-pronged colour-coded hole for the speaker cable, colour co-ordinated for each speaker and saying "front r" (red); "front l" etc.
If you turn the speaker upside-down you'll see a screw towards the back; you can undo this and then position the base/stand for wall mounting. There are screw slots on this base.
Hope that helps.
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