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After finally fixing my first set to the wall (40" size). I would like to know if there is a web site where you can get all the dimensions of auxiluary sockets/connections on the back of your TV. A guide that helps where to pre drill the holes required to bring HDMI / MAINS cable etc straight out into the back of the TV. My first attempt meant i had to bring the HDMI cable out of the wall and the HDMI socket was about 8" away. Any tips on pre planning the correct location and layout would be appreciated.



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What I did was mark where the tv is on the wall. Draw round tv with a pencil if you wish. Take the tv off the wall. Put it down somewhere safe so you can access the back of the tv;)

Then get a large piece of card or paper and put that on the back of your tv. Mark out where the hdmi, power inputs and anything else you want cut out, on the paper/card. Now you have a stencil that you can put on the wall and mark where / what needs to be cut out. :smashin:

Hope that helps


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Just a thought but you don't always want the outputs level with the TV outputs...can make it hard to hide the cables behind the TV.

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