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Wall Mounting TV on Chimney Breast


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Hi folks I'm after some help if possible.

I've just brought 55" Samsung F8000. I'm looking to get it wall mounted on the chimney breast. There will be no fire place just a surround. All my equipment (Sky, Xbox, ps etc) will be in a unit in an alcove. What's the best solution for this to look smart? I've thought about chasing the wires which seems to be the best scenario at the minute.

My only concern is if I buy a 4k or what ever is new in the next 5 years the cables that are chased would need renewing? Or is the current 1.4 version good for the foreseeable future?

Also is it worth spending the extra money on better hdmi cables or are they all the same? I've been quoted with 10.2gbs wires to be put into the chased wall?

Only reason for wall mounting is I have a 5 month daughter and it would be in practical to have the TV on a stand.

Thank you all for your advice in advance :)

Joe Fernand

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Where possible install cables for the 'now' plus conduit to allow you to pull in any new cables you may require in future.

HDMI cables are either High Speed or Standard - forget about any other non-standard marketing nonsense.

High Speed cables top out at 8m (unless you go active) with 4K included in the 'supported' list for High Speed cables - though like 1080p delivering an error free image is not just about the cable, your Source and Display play a big part in achieving a working system.

All High Speed cables will deliver the same image and sound in your system.

A couple of 'spare' CAT6 cables are a good option as a backup to any HDMI cables you install now.

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If chasing a wall and its a short ish run then a decent sized conduit/tube with a couple of draw wires will be possible 32mm min if HDMI already in their and try not to have 90 degree bends.

PS JOe 4k @ 8m thats pretty good Octava?

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