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Can someone recommend a good flush wall mount for my Samsung LE32R51BD. Don't need any tilt features etc. It is going on a flimsy plaster wall. What are the best screws to use?


when you say a 'flimsy' plaster wall... are you sure you want to hang a screen off of it?

if its just a stud wall, which i assume it would be - you really need to find out where the studs (the timbers) are spaced - they're usually 16" centre tp centre, but they're not always ;o)

once you've confirmed this, you need to be really sure there are no pipes/wires in the wall. the screen you mentioned should weigh in it around 30lb's or there abouts, so a regular bracket from the likes of vogels should be more than good for the job. some hefty (2.5" long) timber screws (i use the 'turbo' range from screwfix) use as many screws as you can too.

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I get 39.02 lb (not sure about the whole .02 thing) from a quick google search. The studs you do need to find though, the best screws to use are the largest ones you can get away with - go for thicker ones that are about 40 or 45mm long (4.5 x 40s or 45) as going all the way through isn't necessarily going to grip better and you don't want to split what's inside - generally if you can find the studs and are screwing in using a battery drill you can feel when it grips / doesn't grip - hanging off the bracket is a good indication if it will take the weight too.


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I bought a joist finder to check where the joist was behind the stud wall. It appears to detect a single joist conveniently where i want to hang the screen. What is the best wall bracket to use considering there is only a single joist running floor to ceiling. Is this secure to handle the weight of screen?

Another question...the joist finder also has a metal finder option. Both settings detect the joist. Does this mean there are pipes running alongside the joist? (shower ensuite other side of wall). I'm a bit confused becasue didn't think the pipes would run floor to ceiling though.

Any help much appreciated!

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