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Hey, folks.

We're struggling with fitting a wall bracket to our UE75MU8000 and I wondered if any of the knowledgeable on AVF might have the answer!

We bought this bracket to mount the TV, but we've fallen at the first hurdle: fixing the first two parts of the bracket to the back of the set. The UE75MU8000 has a stepped, horizontal, ridge along the middle of the set (the silver bar in the photo below). Two VESA holes are above it and two are below it. This means that the brackets can't sit across both sets of holes without using spacers and really long screws for the top set of holes. This brings me to another point: which screws to use. The mount came with loads of screws, but the only ones long enough for the top holes are too wide and don't thread.


A quick look at the manual in relation to screws give us:

Screenshot 2019-12-08 at 17.43.07.png

So, if we're reading it right, it's saying we should only use M8 screws that are 10-12mm long. ~1cm long doesn't sound sufficient for either set of holes!

Has anyone else wall mounted this set, please? We're at a loss, here!

Thanks! :)


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OK, I have an update for anyone else who may need this information. The top screw holes are M6 and not M8, as stated in the manual (and in online chat with Samsung support staff). The bottom holes are M8, so you'll need both to fit a mounting bracket.


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i used my universal tv wall mount that i had on a 42" before 4k was out, i simply bought the correct length of screws, i had to hunt on line for the size, 40mm m6 i think they were , i do not recall where though and i think you need spacers
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