Wall mounting my Samsung PS42Q7HD



Hi there

This is my first time to post here so here goes.
Ive just recently bought a Sansung PS42q7HD plasma TV and was looking forward to enjoying the aesthetic appeal of this lovely TV hanging on my wall as much as i was looking forward to the stunning HD viewing experience.

To my horror i now seem to be stuck with a TV with 2 metal feet protruding from the bottom of the frame. These feet were the supports for the Desk top stand that came with the TV.
There is no obvious way of removing these feet and not wanting to remove the back panel of the TV and void my warranty i rang Samsung to ask for assistance. I have since been told that some models have feet that can be turned back and others dont. They also told be that there is nothing i can do to remove the feet.

Has anybody else had this experience. Im just hoping that ive missed something very obvious and that the guy i was talking to on the phone wwas just phobbing me off and a total Bast**!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :lease: help!!!


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I put a Goodmans (I know, I know) Plasma on the wall in our office the other day and at first I couldn't work out how to remove the two legs. In the end I realised they were held in place by the bolts that held the fixing bracket on (half way up the back of the TV). It's not just the same on that model as well is it? :rolleyes:


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I have the same telly. There will be 2 small screws on each side at the back. They will be in line with the legs. Unscrew those and the legs will come out.

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