Wall mounting my plasma!


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Hi all,

I have just purchased a loverly 42" Samsung plasma Tv which I would ideally like to wall mount, however, the wall I wish to mount on is a stud wall. Is this safe to do, has anyone done this? I can not guarantee that I will hit the studs so worst case scenario I am assuming it to be acting on the plasterboard only!

The weight printed on the box for the TV was a whopping 46kg if that helps.

Any feedback gratefully recieved.



Get a stud finder.


At least some of the screws want to go in the wood. To give you a good fixing. With the screws you will loose some of the length in the plasterboard and fixing so that will be 1/2" gone on the screw. Use about a two inch screw probably number 8 or 10 screwed straight in the wood.

Any fixings that aren't fitted in the stud use cavity fixings.


I'd use something like this:


Difficult to tell without seeing it though. As you have a stud wall the buld of the support is from screwing in the stud so that is what needs to be giving the best support.


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Thanks Sonic,

The plasterboard is actually double thickness (I built the wall) unfortunatley I have just painted over the marks on the ceiling that showed me where the studs were :-(

I am just going to have to try and work it out.


Other thing I do is get a very long thin bradawl and push it in the wall till I find the wood. The holes made are small and easily filled with polyfilla.

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