wall mounting mission m70`s


i have bought a pair of mission m70`s that i am going to use for rears.
i want to mount them on wall brackets, but am unsure if they are suitable as the wall they are going on is a plasterboard wall not brick, so i want to be sure the wall can hold the weight.
anyone mounted speakers on similar?



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hi adox
you will have no problems so long as you use proper plasterboard rawl plugs .If you ask at diy shop they will show you which ones to use they will hold a fare bit of weight no worries.


Dont know how heavy the speakers are but it isnt a good idea to mount them soley to a plaster board wall,well they may hold initially there is a good chance that if they get knocked you may take out a good size piece of the wall with it.
There is also the problem of leverage,with the speaker being on a bracket it acts like a lever putting more strain on the plaster board.
If possible try to find the studding that makes up the frame work to which the plaster board is attached,you might be lucky and be able to put one or two screws into that which would be better.


thanks guys for the response. i think i`ll go for the studding option, as although the m70`s aren`t that big they do have quite a bit of weight to them.
the only problem now is getting the brackets. ordered them over a weel ago at hifistore.co.uk and am still waiting for them to be dispatched. it`slike trying to get blood out of stone, getting a response from them. it`s the first time i have used them and will definitely be the last. anyone else had problems with them. they seem to think that because i am ordering from ireland it is causing them alot of difficulties, even thogh they advertise on there site that they deliver here!!

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