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wall mounting Kef Eggs

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by JampoTT, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. JampoTT


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    I've recently moved into a newly built house, and bought my Kef Eggs with me. I also managed to get my hands on an additional Egg, so have 6 satellites to mount. Previously, in my old house, I ran some flat cable under the floor and had the (2) rears on the proper Kef stands - however, I'm not that keen on the stands, and the 3rd rear speaker I have now got cannot really go in a suitable place on a stand, hence I want to wall mount (at almost ceiling height).

    As its a newly built property, I'm hoping to be able to run the cables behind the plasterboard, and just have entry and exit holes (which I can hide, fill or plug to make look neat) - does anyone have any tips for doing this? which cable to use etc?

    My problem will be the centre rear, as the wall I'm mounting on has a set of french doors through to a conservatory, and the speaker really should mount above the centre of the doors (the main reason why a speaker on a stand wouldn't work!)

    Problem is, how can I route cable properly to this location?

    If I was to get a builder / electrician (which would be better?) to do this work (channelling instead of dragging the cable behind the plasterboard) how much could I reasonably expect to spend to get the 6 speakers all wallmounted properly (or at least the 3 rear ones for now?

    What cable would people recommend?

    I have a carpet floor at the moment - how can I best get the cables across to the other side of the room?

    Help! I need some ideas...

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