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I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, but just needed some advice.

Due to the shape of my room, I have got the dreaded corner stand TV, which takes up a lot of room and is not ideal at all.

The stand the TV is on now is an ideal height, the centre of the TV is at/just under eye level.

I was thinking of sticking it above the fireplace, I do not have any flat walls that would accommodate it comfortably as the layout of my room makes it impossible to put anywhere else.

If I was to mount it above the fireplace (which isnt used, its only there for decoration, but I am in rented so unable to get rid of it) the centre of the TV would be about 150cm from the floor, but I cannot decide if that would be too high, or it just looks odd as I'm used to it being on the unit.

From what I've read, that seems to be the ideal height to mount a 55" TV, but I'm really in 2 minds about it all.


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150cm from floor to centre would put a 55" TV above the ideal comfortable viewing position for most sofas I would imagine. From memory, your eye level should be between 1/3 and 1/2 way up the screen.

The centre of my 55" is 106cm from the floor which is a comfortable height for me. It would ideally be a bit lower, but I also have a (thankfully fairly small) unused fireplace opening which means I can't mount it any lower.


Thanks, I used an old box to make a template and put that above the fireplace to get an idea, and it does seem that it would be too high.

Shame as I fancied getting the room back where the TV sits now, but seems it will be a non-starter


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Also remember viewing angles. Most reviews assess this from side to side and I was surprised to find that on my Sony XH9505 that this was no where near a problem as I anticipated. However crawling on the floor and trying to sort cabling to my 5.1 amp that sits on bottom shelf of bespoke furniture AV accommodation. I looked up and was amazed to see a virtually white picture on TV. I crawled backwards with head on floor to usual viewing position (2.5m) and picture although improved still looked flat but rising to head on viewing the amazing picture quality was of course restored.
As said no reviews seem to consider vertical viewing angles. If wall mounting I would ensure that TV can be tilted down so that viewing is thus head on.

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