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You lot are fab (always start with a compliment) and can usually answer the stupid questions, so I'm hoping you can help.

I'm wall mounting a 32" telly (12kg) with a 400 x 200 Vesa mounting arrangement. Because of the Vesa size I've had to buy a really beefy wall mounting swing arm tilting bracket - K rated. (It's going to be in a chimney breast alcove, I wanted to be able to push it back in the alcove when not in use). The wall is brick, which is 120+ years old so a bit powdery.

The bracket hasn't come with any wall anchors. The advice I have read says wall anchors I should probably use is 'shield anchors'.

My problem is the SIZE of the anchors, which ones I should get, and where to get them from. The picture instructions (yeah, some text would have been really helpful) gave the clue of "Ø8mm" under the picture of a generic wall anchor. Any ideas?

HELP?!? cheers :)


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The Diagram is probably referring to a 8mm hole. If your walls are like mine (100 years), they will disintegrate with drilling.... So regardless what anchor you choose (and it doesn't really matter that much to be honest, i used rawbolts) - just be careful not to make the hole too big. Start by drilling a 4mm-5mm hole, then widen them once you are confident they are good.... In my case, i had a 50/50 success rate - ie. 50% of the holes drilled ended up being useful.

As long as you can get 4 or so bolts in to a solid fixing, it will be fine.

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