Wall mounting a TV in a rented apartment?


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Not so much a 'how to' as a 'should you?'.

Is wall mounting a TV something a landlord would find acceptable? I know most people will be thinking 'ask him', but before I do I'd rather find out if it's common to do so or not. He seems like a really decent chap and I wouldn't want to put him on the spot if it's a cheeky question.

We'll be staying in this flat for the next 14 months at least. It's a new flat, and the walls are pre-prepared for mounting a TV. They have a reinforcement behind the plasterboard for the bracket, and there's already cable channels installed. The only damage would be the screws for the bracket, which I'm sure shouldn't be too hard to patch up.

A lot of the other residents have their TVs wall mounted, but I don't know if they've just fired them up without asking.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


I can't see why on earth a landlord would even consider saying no.
It's no worse than putting up a big picture or a mirror.
I wouldn't even bother asking, it seems inconceivable to me that it would even be an issue.
You may have to put the wall right again when you move out though (fill holes)
Again, same with a mirror/picture.


You may have to put the wall right again when you move out though (fill holes)

This :thumbsup:

Asked the landlady this before moving in to the current property and she said it was fine as long as any holes are sorted out and it looks as it was.


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I did this in my last place, I spoke to the agency to confirm the Landlord was happy with it. If you do it make sure you get approval as a wall mount for a decent TV, mine is a 50" Plasma, will require a lot of holes. They told me the landlord was fine with it as I said I would leave the mount after, however they did say if the Landlord requests it I will have to have the wall sorted and re-painted when I move out if they prefer.

I just sold it to them that everyone has flat screens today and it would be better in the long run for future tenants. The landlord agreed and when I moved out I just left it there.

Make sure you get approval first though, that would be my advice, I had it all in emails saying I could do it in case they kicked off when I left.


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The only damage would be the screws for the bracket, which I'm sure shouldn't be too hard to patch up.

As long as you understand that you should do this before you leave I can't imagine he would have any objections.




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It would be courteous to ask the landlord first. Some landlords actually put it down in the tenancy agreement that you should ask for that kind of stuff and need their approval.
Some landlord may request that it's done by a professional or that the repairs when you leave are done by professional decorators for example.


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mine is wall mounted in a rented house.... the landlord said as long as the place is the same as the day i moved in when i leave then i have free reign over it. :smashin:

Do check with him first though!


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Im a landlord - as long as everything is how you found it it should be fine - double check though....


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Thanks, folks - much appreciated.

That at least reassures me that I'm not going to irritate him if I ask! We've never really rented before, or lived in a flat of this value, so I wasn't sure what the done thing was.

I'd definitely need to either leave the bracket up or get decorators in afterwards, the flat is brand new, we're the first residents, so it's absolutely pristine.

Just need to suss out whether to put up the bracket myself, or to use the developers 'preferred' suppliers. They were the guys who did all the TV/Sat wiring for the flat, so in theory they should know exactly where to put all the holes! And they'd probably have insurance :D


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I want to do the same, but I am in a house owned by my mums cousin, he did say we could do as we please but I am going to ask out of courtesy. Especially as its a 50" plasma so will need decent fixings.

Luckily my dad is a decorator by trade so filling repainting etc should be no probs!

I just feel a bit silly asking to do it butI would worry incase he ever cam in to do some work and saw it there.


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Things were simpler when TVs came with stands :)

I've now found the drawings supplied by the electrical contractor. I'm trying to make sure I don't put holes where they shouldn't be. Not as easy as it sounds for a dimwit like me!

Also trying to work out whether my flat is a standard spec, mid/high spec, or high/mid spec, as the supports, conduits (which I'll inevitably drill into) and wiring (ditto!) are in different places in each spec.

I'm thinking I need to pay someone to do this. Or a TV stand. Or maybe I'll just leave it on the floor :facepalm:


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I got professionals in to fit mine when I had it done, the building was finished in 2005 so lots of plaster board but also lots of fire proofing so I didn't want to mess it up. They had the stud detectors etc that Jenn has mentioned, worth getting it done properly, especially if it's not your place AND it's brand new.

My plasma is quite heavy and needed a lot of screws, need to be sure it will support the weight, you mess it up it's your fault, contractor messes it up....it's their issue to fix.


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i have just moved into a Rented place and i just drill holes where ever i please... my landlord is some Premiere League Footballer and i really dont think hes going to be to bothered about some holes as long as i fill them in

My plan is just fill them in when i move out or just go to sea for months so he cant find me :D

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