Wall mounting a plasma screen

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Those of you that have already done this (on a solid wall), can you let me know what type, depth and size of wall plugs/bolts you used .

Im looking at getting some expanding/anchor type bolts but I think that this may well be overkill.
My heavy double radiotors are fixed using regular wall plugs, hence my my overkill statement.

For reference I have a 42" screen and have the wall bracket from the powerbuy.

Any tips and advice would be appreciated.

TIA :smashin:


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Well, I used (504 & powerbuy wall mount)
8 x "plasplugs" M8 x 80mm Hammer-in Concrete & Brick fixings.
(bought from Homebase) Into solid brick wall.

You can hang a tank from it !:D (no witty comments please!)




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Go for over kill. Much better than the alternative!

The problem with rawplugs is that if you don't get the right, they don't hold at all. So I'd use the largest that you can up in the wall, without going through. I've seen radiators hanging on - just. And I wouldn't want that for my screen.

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My wall runs in front of my stair case, i used coach screws from a packaging pallet, its solid as. Is there anything to breach into behind the plaster.


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my instrutions told me to use 70mm rawplugs and 70mm size 12 screws which i got from B&Q once the mount was up i just pulled my self up on it to c if it would hold me its been up a week and is still there

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