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Wall Mounting a Plasma - Need Wiring Ideas

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by corpkid, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. corpkid


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    Hello all:

    I am going to be wall mounting a HD plasma in my new place, and have the oppertunity to have any type of wiring done as it is new construction. I want to have the plasma mounted on the wall, with a "video" jack of some type installed in the wall behind it so it's super clean w/ no visible wiring. I believe the connection type will be YPbPr for the HD input, and another for the X-Box input, and I'll need 3 S-Video connections, to accomodate a 2nd cable box, a Tivo and a DVD player.

    I will then relay all of the connections to a central closet where the equipment (cable box, Tivo, xbox, dvd & reciever) will be located.

    Here is where I'm going to need some help:

    1) Where can I find such "video jack" wall plates? My developer is clueless...
    2) Where can I find VERY short cables for HD/S-video (like 6 inches)
    3) Is there some type of "radio" remote control I can use since there will be no direct line of sight for standard IR remotes?
    4) Is this how you'd set this up? :confused:

    I am also looking for some type of very low profile, yet pretty good speakers to mount on the sides and top of the plasma...(Front Left, Front Right, and Center).

    Wow, I didn't realize it would be so complicated! How does everyone else achieve that "clean" look with wall mounted plasmas? HELP! I need to get this all purchased and planned within a month or so!


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