Wall mounting a 50" Plasma


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Im planning on buying a PS50C96HD 50" samsung plasma but could anyone tell me how easy these are to mount to a wall please?

Also can anyone recommend a good wall mount to use as well?

Many thanks



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I use a generic flat-tv wall mount for my Pioneer 50", capable of holding up to 60 kg or something like that. In the box there are screws with several different diameters so that they will fit almost all popular screens.

They go under different packaging and names, but basically it's the same mount. You can get one cheap anywhere, no need to buy any fancy stuff. :)

Here's an example:



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I bought one of these for mine 2 years ago.


Really good bracket and very handy if your house has a chimney breast in the room and you have to put your tv at the side of it.

I used great big fixing bolts that I got from Screwfix. I remember fixing the bracket with just one of these bolts and then tentitavely testing it by hanging from the bracket. Stayed put, so I thought if one bolt is enough to hold my weight, ten of the buggers are going to do the job!!!


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I bought mine from avrabbit.com as well, I think though you can get some cheap ones on ebay that will probably do an equally good job most will guarantee to be able to hold about twice the weight of most plasmas that was certainly the case with my bracket.

We installed mine onto an old chimney breast, naturally needs at least two of you to do the installation we found it pretty straightforward the only thing we needed to use was a very strong drill but that was probably more to do with the material we were drilling the bolts into. Make sure you get a bracket that tilts though as it's pretty difficult to get connections into the back of the plasma otherwise once it's hanging on the wall.


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Don't be fooled into buying a tilting mount just for access to the rear of the tv, they stick out loads more than a flat one and the cheap flat ones can be pulled out from the wall by 30 degrees plus once hung as they only hang from the top and are secured at the bottom.

I have my 50PX70 on one of these and couldn't want for any more room to plug the cables in and it only projects from the wall by 40mm.


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Im planning on buying a PS50C96HD 50" samsung plasma but could anyone tell me how easy these are to mount to a wall please?

Many thanks


Depends how far you want to go?

Do you want it to stick out from the wall? Obviously no bracket is completely flush. Do you want to have wires hanging underneath? Bury wires in the wall? What sort of wall will it be mounted on? Plasterboard? Brick?

Lots of questions to answer before you can say how "easy" it is.
Check out the diy section of the forums, loads of info in there.
That's what i did and ended up with this-


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