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Dec 19, 2002
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Mid Sussex
After some advice re: wall mounting a Hitachi 42pd3000

It will be going onto 3inch plasterboard affixed to an Outside wall above a decorative fireplace

I will be getting the bracket from Argos, and wanted to put up in advance of getting the screen.

Am a bit concerned about placement for starters i.e. how big is the bracket in relation to the screen ?

I don't want to mount the bracket too low / high etc.

What Fixings would you recommend

and finally How does the plasma attach to the bracket ? Anyone got any pics . Is it easy for two people to attach it ?

Thanks in advance
The bracket is much smaller than the screen, and attaches very low on the screen. The bottom of the bracket is essenially level with the bottom of the screen, hence attach the bracket so the bottom of the bracket is where you'd like the bottom of the screen to be.

The bracket comes in two parts. A H (on it's side) shaped piece that attaches to the wall (which is itself composed of three parts).


Then there are two bars which bolt to the back of the screen. These bars have hooks at the top which slot into grooves on the top of the wall bracket. They are then securely bolted at the bottom. I've managed to take the plasma on and off the wall on my own a few times, although I wouldn't recommend it. With two people it's very easy.

I was attaching into a solid brick wall so I just used six long rawplugs and screws. There are other posts around about attaching to plasterboard walls.
Thanks Kraken - Photo and description were v. helpful
Just been frightening myself by reading conflicting info on wall mounting.

Pulled out the electric fire to look behind and it looks like this

1 cm Plasterboard
1 " Plaster behind the board
2 " Breeze Block

See attached piccy. Ignore the 1st two ( they to make pic easier to understand)

1. Fireplace Surround
2. Marble Surround
3. Plasterboard
4. Plaster
5. Breeze Block
6. Outside Brickwork

If I get some 5" or 6" bolts to get into the brickwork behind - I assume I am safe.

Would people suggest mounting the bracket onto a bit of MDF still? or will I get away just with the deep bolts ?
Oops - Forgot the pic


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When mounting my screen (albeit only 18Kg), I just used the bolts that came with the mount. These were block/brick type rawlplugs with long bolts.

My fireplace wall was plasterboard over breezeblock, and I just bolted them straight to that (bolts seemed to be plenty long enough)

Now, I'm not saying that as a reassurance, but I'm keeping an eye out for replies to you, in case mines about to fall down!

I'm always paranoid about stuff like this - my projector is mounted on 4 bloody huge coach bolts into the joists - complete overkill (only weighs 4Kg)

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