Wall Mounted Replacement for Mission 773e?


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Hello All

I have searched archives and read dozens of posts but am still unclear. I would be grateful if anyone could offer some advice. Used for 60% films/40% music (rock & pop).

My current setup (as sig) is no longer baby friendly, so the floorstanders have to go. I was looking for a wall mounted alternative. I hoped to have something to match the centre and surround speakers, so first choice was Mission 771 secondhand. However these have rear ports so may sound too boomy wall mounted.

I am unclear from Mission's numbering system what is the direct replacement for the 771 and if they would still match my centre. Should I replace all three front speakers? If then I might look into replacing them with a different brand, but budget is currently restricted (babies now have a bigger toy budget than I do!) to maybe max £200.

Any advice gratefully received.




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Try the V60 as these are fairly large and front ported i beleieve, they are on sale now everywere, the m50 range is too. Mission make alot of larger bookshelf models too, which should be able to match the 'light' bass that the 773e had (incidently i always wanted a pair of those a few years ago).

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