Wall mounted pullout arm for a Monitor?


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Can anyone give me some website links that sell a wall mounted arm to place a monitor on?

I want to have it fixed to the wall and be able to pull it out across the sofa. And be able to move the arm up and down so I can sit on my sofa and have the monitor in front of me.



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Are you looking for something fairly long then? Also, is it being attached to the wall behind the sofa or to the side of it?


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Hello I am thinking it will be fixed to the side wall. This would mean that a corner sofa would have it fixed to the left side wall. And I can pull it out/across were I am sitting. I think it needs to come out 22"-30" off the wall and be able to move up/down and side to side. So full movement and I would like it to be as close to the wall when closed up!
not going to be an easy search.

i think you will find most monitor arms are only 1ft 1.5ft long at most.

however, im sure if your good with metal working it wouldnt be to hard to make a custom one.

also how big is the monitor?
what are your walls made out off? (red brick, breese block, plaster board, stylerboard ect)
is there another room on the other side of the wall you have access to?

reason i ask that is because the longer the arms the more weight and vertical pressure is being applied to each join and ultimatly the mounting plate.

you can literally tear any mounting arm out of the most solid of walls and fixtures by extending the arms length and pushing down on the end.

its just something to bare in mind.
that mounts onto a desk or other horizontal serface. wouldnt recomend installing that onto a wall at all. however it also seems to have a small contact area. but it must adhere to cirtain regulations so it can do i suppose.
nope thats definatly a desk fitting arm, sorry.

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