Wall-mounted Panasonic 50PHD8


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Hi guys,

After a month or so of doing our new house up, the worst bit by far was making sure all the cables for the display were hidden!! All cables for the PC were hidden under the floor and come up on the other side of the room - great until one of the breaks as it did recently (optical cable trapped under leg of desk). Luckily it wasnt a big job to get the carpet up and relay. Phew. At last I can sit back and enjoy! :D



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very nice and clean setup mate, are those iQ3's i spy on the walls?


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Thanks. It took a while but its what I wanted. You have a good eye - they are indeed IQ3s. Just realised I didnt have any info in my sig - oops:

Panasonic 50PHD8
Cambridge Audio 540R
Telewest TVDrive
Denon DVD-1930
2x Kef IQ3 fronts
Mordaunt Short 309i Sub
Mordaunt Short 903s rears

I had a centre speaker installed under the display but it didnt look right to be perfectly honest so its currently removed and the amp is now sharing the signal between the two Kefs. This setup is not just for movies but for everything really, internet browsing (with wireless media keyboard), movies, gaming, etc so I was willing to sacrifice the centre speaker for looks (at the moment - until I find an unobtrusive one) although I admit that the centre is missed during 5.1 material.

Thought I'd also include some pics of the work-in-progress (from before to after)! Cheers.








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A superb looking room you have there, so neat and tidy. :thumbsup:


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Cheers. Believe me that is the tidy half of the room - I have excluded pics of the other side for fear of ruining the illusion of tidyness....

I'll try and get some screenshots up tomorrow - the HD stuff from Telewest/Virgin look excellent and HD on the xbox just blows me away.:D :D The best time for pics is at night as its a south facing room and it gets the full brunt of sunlight during the day (one of the pre-requisites for the missus). That was one of the reasons I went for the panny, it remains fairly visible in sunlight (although there's no direct sunlight on it).
I must admit that I wasn't quite sure about the 50inch as I thought it might be a bit too big but now its up there, I reckon if someone gave me one, I could get away with the 65 inch (wishes....).


What did u use for the centre conduit?
Looks like some cuttering, as i'm looking for something and doing something similar.


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I'm not quite sure what was used to be perfectly honest. The electrician guy had some spare conduit in his van and we used that. The main thing is that the size of the conduit is large enough to take the width of all the cables AND the width of a DVI connector (which is the largest connector I will be using on this screen). This allows me to swap cables out in the future without having to strip any plaster away. Cheers.


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I like that, you've done a good job with the wall mounting.

I used some conduit with two 90 degree end pieces for mine, so all of my cables enter the hole at the bottom of the wall (hidden behind the AV unit, then travel up to the screen. All nicely hidden but protected and easy to add/remove cables.

Do you plan on adding a centre? if so, where do you plan on putting it? (just noticed the part about your centre)



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Well done :thumbsup:

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