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I'm thinking of wall mounting a 26" LCD in the bedroom and thought a wall mounted DVD player would be quite a practical addition.

The Cineplayer PDP100 looks quite cool and isn't unreasonable at £70 from ebuyer (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/139049), but does anyone know if it's any good? - it's definitely lacking an HDMI connection but wouldn't be the end of the world. On the plus side it looks like it could be hidden behind the TV as it's so thin :).

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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I can confirm these are great little DVD players. I am a little biased as we do also sell them ... although ours currently include the wall mount bracket as well as the component cable in with the price qnd of course having the wall mount bracket is really needed as one of the major benefits is that they are wall mountable http://www.3wisemonkeys.co.uk/proddet.jsp?id=1662&cat=5 ... although no HDMI output the component will give you a very high res analogue picture. The DVD player will happily site behind a TV as it literally is the size of a CD case and the wall mount bracket doesn't make it stick out from the wall at all.
I've got one myself so I know the product well! They are also multi region so can play discs from any where world wide.


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We've been looking for a basic, cheap wall mountable DVD player for the infrequently-used bedroom LCD. Sod's law I've settled on the Chili 630x (discontinued :) ).

Anyone know of anywhere still selling this or the Sigmatek XMB-510 (looks to be the same but with a HDMI connection)? The PDP100 wouldn't work for us as the TV is too tight on the wall for it to go behind and it'll look a little too weeny mounted below.

Failing that, anyone tried one those effectively-unbranded unitsSpeed HTH-18 on eBay? I can't find any reviews, or even anyone else selling them.

For completeness, in case anyone else is trying to find an inexpensive player, the other one I've found is the LG DVS450H. Looks pretty good at £90/£100, but we need silver.

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